Online reviews and ratings are meant for the use of audience and the betterment of people. Directed for the use of audience, these reviews and ratings can be misleading as well that tend to do more harm than good.

These days, brands and content creators have the potential to mould and twist the reviews of people to promote their sales and bring their content to the forefront. For the use of audience and customers, it is necessary that they do an extensive research and find out the merits and demerits of the websites.

What gets abolished is the presence of honest and good quality reviews for the use of audience and viewers. One of the biggest instances is that many apps want the ratings of customers even before they have acquired an overall view on the apps.

For instance, when one customer sees the high rating of another customer and believes the app to be a good one and downloads it, he or she becomes entitled to coloured views and when they rate the app without knowing much and later on uninstall it, the chain of unauthentic and flawed reviews continue which keep on misleading the customers.

Reviews and ratings form a major domain in the world of internet for the use of customers and viewers and it is also the area that is exploited the most to twist and bend the mindset of people to trick them into employing their interest in false stuffs, unknowingly. Review writers dedicate them to be for the use of audience’s dilemma also act in misleading the audience.

Working as a freelancer has gained momentum these days as they are mainly focused on the use of both writers and employers. Even though online writing jobs mainly are for the use of writers to work hassle free and without any mechanical stress, there are sites that are fraud and aim to dupe writers and extract work out of them without paying them money.

Writers, however, have to be alert and take care of the fact that people might look forward to cheat them and so work accordingly. Googling the website and reading reviews on it can help the writer to form some sort of idea on whether the website is genuine and can contribute greatly for the use of the audience to judge.

Even though it might seem unprofessional or very rude, some people can even ask for some advanced payment that will be adjusted at the end, only to ensure that there is no cheater guiding them from the opposite side.

One of the major things that frustrate both audience and customers is being cheated and content creators often waste their time in fraud websites thinking it to be for the use of some serious financial gain.

Wastage of time is a big deal and fraudsters aim at wasting the time of budding content creators as well as audience. Though aimed for the use of writers and audience to improve the conditions of living, these fraud websites can cause serious financial drawback when it comes to exploitation.

In many reports and newspapers, many journalists are digging into the serious matter of exploitation worth thousands of dollars that is caused by making content creators work for free, and the fraud of tricking audience to download low-graded apps by making it look like a high-quality one, mainly by giving it some fake reviews.

These review sites and fraud websites are made for the use of extracting money out of innocent people and make a huge profit.

Recently, there is this one trend that asks customers to rate and review a product by paying them. Again, while products should be designed to benefit customers, for the use of their betterment, they often impart a false and fake impression that amounts to a large amount wasted in buying the fake products.

While a review should have both pros and cons, maximum of the reviews deal on highlighting the pros that assures that the creators keep on getting those products. An unbiased review, made solely for the use of customers, dwells on both pros and cons and gives a neutral opinion without asking the audience to buy it as soon as possible.

It is expected that owners and creators will mould the item or product according to the use of its audience but the reversal is what often takes place: audience are made for the new product and they are made to believe that the product is what they need. It is solely for the use of customers and audience that many blog posts are dedicated, so that they can avoid being cheated on.

Having seen many people, who are potentially talented, being made to work without any payment is what is making people all the more aware before investing themselves in online jobs. There are some apps that promise people to repay people in the forms of payback cards and some points which they can redeem at some point of time.

Many reviewing apps, as a matter of fact, promise to pay when a certain amount is reached, which is quite high to be honest, and the time people spend to achieve that amount already expolits them a lot.

Not to be mentioned, there are a number of fake websites and apps that advertise themselves to be made solely for the use of customers but leave no room vacant when it comes to exploit people.

As a safety step,people have to look carefully before they decide to invest. Reading reviews can also be helpful but those review can mislead people as well. As a fact, many websites require people to give a small investment before they start to work, those can also be fake ones as they can just extract the money and forget the rest.

For the sake of themselves and for the use of their energy, the audience have to invest in a number of sources to judge a website or brand and then finally see and experience it themselves to have the complete idea. It is therefore, for the use of themselves that audience and content creators have to stay safe from such frauds.

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